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The world this week


After 20 years in power and weeks of mass protests, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Algeria’s ailing president, resigned. The announcement sparked celebrations in the capital, Algiers. Some fear that the old guard will try to hang on to power. Abdelkader Bensalah, the Speaker of the Senate (and a Bouteflika loyalist), is next in line as president, according to the constitution. He has 90 days to organise new elections.
阿尔及利亚总统阿卜杜勒·阿齐兹·布特弗利卡在经历了数周大规模抗议活动后辞职,这位疾病缠身的总统已执政20年。这一消息在首都阿尔及尔引发了庆祝活动。一些人担心保守派会紧握权利不放。依据宪法,参议院议长Abdelkader Bensalah(也是布特弗利卡的忠实拥护者)将担任下一任总统。他有90天的时间来组织新的选举。

The Iranian government ordered the evacuation of more than 70 villages in the province of Khuzestan because of flooding. Dozens of people have been killed in the past two weeks, during Iran’s worst rains in years. Iranian officials blamed American sanctions for impeding their aid efforts. American officials said Iran was mismanaging the crisis.

Thousands of Palestinians marked the first anniversary of an uprising along the Israel-Gaza border. Scores of activists approached the perimeter fence, throwing stones and explosives at the Israeli side. Four Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers. A broader ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas, which rules Gaza, appeared to be holding.

The number of cholera cases in Mozambique rose sharply in areas affected by Cyclone Idai. Over 1,400 people have been infected, up from the 249 cases reported recently. Many of the affected areas still cannot be reached by road, complicating a mass vaccination campaign.

A return to the dark ages

Harsh new penalties came into force under Brunei’s Islamic criminal code. Anal sex and sex outside marriage (including gay sex) can earn death by stoning. Thieves risk the amputation of a hand or foot.

Australia approved a new law imposing severe penalties on social-media firms that fail to remove footage of crimes such as murder and rape. Singapore proposed a new law that would allow similarly harsh punishments for those disseminating fake news.

Activists in Thailand questioned the opaque conduct of the Election Commission, which has not yet announced the results of last month’s election. In response, the head of the military junta, which is supposedly soon to give way to civilian government, denounced the “incorrect thinking” on social media.

China declared that all types of fentanyl would be treated as controlled drugs. America had appealed to China to adopt tougher controls.

America’s attorney-general, William Barr, promised to provide a redacted version of the Mueller report to Congress by the middle of April. That was not enough for the Democrats running the House Judiciary Committee, who authorised (though did not issue) a subpoena to attain Mr Mueller’s full, unredacted report into Russian interference in American politics.
美国司法部长威廉·巴尔(William Barr)承诺在四月中旬前向国会提交穆勒报告的修订版。这对掌管众议院司法委员会的民主党人来说还不够,他们授权(尽管没有发布)传唤穆勒,以获得关于俄罗斯干预美国政治的完整、未经编辑的报告。