Expert values China's role in facilitating 4th Industrial Revolution

作者:未知 来源:中国国际广播电台 2017-07-01

2017 Summer Davos forum is held in Dalian. [Photo:]

As the central topic of the 2017 Summer Davos forum in Dalian, the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" is said to lie in the economic, technological and social contexts in which we live.

Those who support the concept of the current "revolution" say it has the potential to generate new drivers of economic growth and expand the scope of comprehensive development, but such changes will not be problem-free.

For more on China's role in the concept, CRI's Huang Shan spoke earlier with Li Daokui, Director of the Center for China in the World Economy (CCWE) at Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management, who is among those taking part in the Summer Davos in Dalian.