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Is your puss a bit catty? Researchers believe a cat's fur colour is linked to how aggressive it is


Is your puss a bit catty, the sort to scratch and hiss when handled?


Then it's likely to be black and white, grey and white or tortoiseshell, say veterinary scientists who believe a cat's fur colour is linked to how aggressive it is.


Researchers at the University of California studied 1,274 cats to demonstrate how a moggie's colour is symptomatic of their behaviour.


In a study published in the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, experts used a survey to test whether calico cats - who have a spotted or particoloured that is predominately white - are 'significantly more aggressive towards people' than other types of cat, as is thought to be the case.

在《动物福利学期刊》(Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science)上刊登的一项研究中,专家通过调查对三花猫(带有以白色为主的斑点或杂色的猫咪)进行测试,看看这种猫是否如人们想的那样,对人的攻击性远比别的猫强。

Owners responded to the questionnaire which asked them to detail how often their pet was aggressive during a typical day, how it reacts when handled and its behaviour at the vet.


They replied by giving their cat a rating on a scale of aggression.


The answers given confirmed calico females, black and white and grey and white cats were regularly 'more aggressive towards humans'.


When broken down, the study also found black and white cats were particularly aggressive when handled, grey-and-white cats during a trip to the vet and calico females in everyday contact with humans.


It concluded that the ideal pet is a black, grey, white or tabby cat.


The study comes a month after researchers at the University of Lincoln found cats, unlike dogs, do not need humans to feel protected.


In particular, they found cats don't suffer from separation anxiety and any noise they make when their owner leaves is more likely to be out of boredom or frustration.



tortoiseshell ['tɔ:təsʃel]
n. 龟甲;玳瑁壳;玳瑁色adj. 龟甲色的;龟甲状的

boredom ['bɔ:dəm]
n. 厌倦;令人厌烦的事物

tabby ['tæbi]
n. 平纹;斑猫;长舌妇adj. 起波纹的;有斑纹的vt. 使起波纹

aggressive [ə'ɡresiv]
adj. 侵略性的;好斗的;有进取心的;有闯劲的

predominately [pri'dɔmineitili]
adv. 占优势地;有影响力地;更大量地;占绝大多数地